Weird Facts

100+ Weird Facts That Everyone Will Think You’re A Hilarious Genius For Knowing

This world is full of interesting happening and most of us do not even get to know the basic ones, We have brought together a list of nearly 100+ something weird facts that are quite difficult to digest but can leave you feeling quite stunned. Have a look and refresh your knowledge too.

1. Retired Basketball Sensation Michael Jordan Makes More Money From Nike Each Year Than All The Nike Factory Workers In Malaysia Combined.


2. The Olympic Flag’s Colors Are Always Red, Black, Blue, Green, And Yellow Rings On A Field Of White. This Is Because At Least One Of Those Colors Appears On The Flag Of Every Nation On The Planet.


3. In Calama, A Town In The Atacama Desert Of Chile, It Has Never Rained.


4. At Any Given Time, There Are 1,800 Thunderstorms In Progress Over The Earth’s Atmosphere.


5. Erosion At The Base Of Niagara Falls Has Caused The Falls To Recede Approximately Seven Miles Over The Past 10,000 Years.


6. Approximately 40,000 Americans Are Injured By Toilets Each Year.


7. If A Female Ferret Does Not Have Sex For A Year, She Will Die.


8. Nicholas Cage Also Once Did Magic Mushrooms With His Cat.


9. “Almost” Is The Longest Word In English With All The Letters In Alphabetical Order.


10. Steve Jobs Relieved Stress By Soaking His Feet In Apple’s Company Toilets.


11. Sean Connery Wore A Toupee In All His James Bond Movies.


12. Nicholas Cage Bought A Pet Octopus Once Because He Sincerely Thought It Might Help With His Acting.


13. Homosexuality Was Still Classified As An Illness In Sweden In 1979. Swedes Responded By Calling Into Work “Sick,” Saying They “Felt Gay.”


14. There Is Enough Sperm In One Single Man To Impregnate Every Woman On Earth.


15. A Category Three Hurricane Releases More Energy In Ten Minutes That All The World’s Nuclear Weapons Combined.

16. There Is Enough Fuel In Full Jumbo Jet Tank To Drive An Average Car Four Times Around The World.


17. An Average Of 100 People Choke To Death On Ballpoint Pens Every Year.


18. Antarctica Is The Only Continent Without Reptiles Or Snakes.


19. The Cruise Liner Queen Elizabeth 2 Moves Only Six Inches For Each Gallon Of Fuel It Burns.


20. It Is Impossible To Sneeze With Your Eyes Open.


21. There Is A Town In Canada Called “Dildo.”


22. Human Birth Control Pills Work On Gorillas.


23. France Was Still Executing People By Guillotine When The First Star Wars Movie Came Out.


24. It Actually Takes 142.18 Licks To Reach The Center Of A Tootsie Pop.


25. Your Heart Beats Over 100,000 Times A Day.


26. It Takes Approximately 12 Hours For Food To Entirely Digest.


27. A Sneeze Travels Out Your Mouth At Over 100 M.P.H.


28. Women Blink Nearly Twice As Often As Men.


29. Most Of The Dust Particles In Your House Are Dead Skin.


30. 1% Of All Women Can Achieve Full Orgasm Just By Stimulating Their Breasts.


31. You’ll Eat More Than 35,000 Cookies In Your Lifetime (Probably).


32. Number Of Us States That Claim Test Scores In Their Elementary Schools Are Above National Average: 50.


33. One In Every Four Americans Has Appeared On Television.


34. In 1998, More Fast-Food Employees Were Murdered On The Job Than Police Officers.


35. There Are More Collect Calls On Father’s Day Than Any Other Day Of The Year.


36. Title 14, Section 1211, Of The Code Of Federal Regulations, Implemented On July 16, 1969, Makes It Illegal For U. S. Citizens To Have Any Contact With Extraterrestrials Or Their Vehicles.


37. There Are More Cars In Southern California Than There Are Cows In India.


38. Percentage Of Americans Who Say That God Has Spoken To Them: 36.


39. Average Number Of People Airborne Over The Us Any Given Hour: 61,000.


40. Portion Of Land In The Us Owned By The Government: 1/3.


41. Stewardesses Is The Longest Word That Is Typed Using Only The Left Hand.


42. Every Time You Lick A Stamp, You’re Consuming 1/10 Of A Calorie.


43. Our Eyes Are Always The Same Size From Birth, But Our Nose And Ears Never Stop Growing.


44. The Average Person Falls Asleep In Seven Minutes.


45. Almost Everyone Who Reads This Will Try To Lick Their Elbow.


46. According To Chinese Acupuncture, There Is A Point On The Head That You Can Press To Control Your Appetite. It Is Located In The Hollow Just In Front Of The Flap Of The Ear.


47. All Swans In England Belong To The Queen.


24. No Piece Of Square Paper Can Be Folded More Than 7 Times In Half.


48. The Us Treasury Once Considered Producing Doughnut-Shaped Coins!


49. Horses Can’t Vomit.


50. A Crocodile Cannot Stick Its Tongue Out.


51. Butterflies Taste With Their Feet.


52. Penguins Can Jump As High As Six Feet In The Air.


53. All Polar Bears Are Left-handed.


54. An Eagle Can Kill A Young Deer And Fly Carrying It.


55. It Is Physically Impossible For Pigs To Look Up Into The Sky.


56. Dolphins Sleep With One Eye Open.


57. A Goldfish Has A Memory Span Of Three Seconds.


58. A Shark Is The Only Fish That Can Blink With Both Eyes.


59. Emus And Kangaroos Cannot Walk Backwards And Are On The Australian Coat Of Arms For That Reason.


60. The Microwave Was Invented After A Researcher Walked By A Radar Tube And The Chocolate Bar In His Pocket Melted.


61. 23% Of All Photocopier Faults World-wide Are Caused By People Sitting On Them And Photocopying Their Butts.


62. 71% Of Office Workers Stopped On The Street For A Survey Agreed To Give Up Their Computer Passwords In Exchange For A Chocolate Bar.


63. The Electric Chair Was Invented By A Dentist.


64.  Americans On Average Eat 18 Acres Of Pizza Every Day.


65. Coca-Cola Was Originally Green.


66. The Only Food That Does Not Spoil Honey.


67. He Pilgrims Ate Popcorn At The First Thanksgiving Dinner.


68. Iceland Consumes More Coca-cola Per Capital Than Any Other Nation.


69. Almonds Are Members Of The Peach Family.


70. Cranberry Is The Only Jell-O Flavor That Contains Real Fruit Flavoring.


71. The Amount Of Copper On The Arizona Capitol Building Roof Is Equivalent To Nearly Five-Million Pennies.


72. The Apollo 11 Crew Used Hundreds Of Autographs As Life Insurance.


73. A New Orleans Hotel Offered A $15,000 Stay To A Whoever Stole The “Most Outrageous” Item From Them.


74. Shakespeare’s Epitaph Contains A Curse For Grave Robbers.


75. A Woman With Two Uteruses Gave Birth To Twins Less Than A Month After Having A Baby.


76. A Fortune Cookie Company Once Foretold The Lottery, Resulting In 110 Winners.


77. A Moonbow Is A Rainbow That Happens At Night.


78. Louisiana Is Home To A Rare Pink Dolphin.


79. The Terminator Script Sold For $1.


80. Scientists Discovered An Organism With A Disappearing Bum.


81. Polar Bears Are Pooping Out Glitter For Science.


82. Cherophobia Is The Fear Of Happiness.


83. Chewing Gum Stops You From Crying While Cutting Onions.


84. A London Tomb Is Supposedly A Time Machine Or Teleportation Chamber.


85. A Woman Who Lost Her Wedding Ring Found It 16 Years Later On A Carrot In Her Garden.


86. Movie Trailers Were Originally Shown After The Movie.


87. The Chicken Came Before The Egg.


88. Octopuses Have Three Hearts


89. Elvis Presley’s Manager Sold I Hate Elvis Badges.


90. The Most Popular Websites Are Banned In China.


91. In The Philippines Mcdonald’s Serves Spaghetti


92. At Least One Of The Colors Of The Olympic Flag Appears On All The National Flags.


93. Viagra Can Make Flowers Stand Up Straight.


94. Adolf Hitler Was Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize


95. Paper Bags Can Be Worse For The Environment Than Plastic Ones.


96. The Tea Bag Was An Accidental Invention.


97. The Inventor Of The Internet Regrets The URL Setup


98. Almost 163,00 Pints Of Guinness Are Wasted In Facial Hair Each Year.


99. There Is One Blockbuster Store Left In The World.


100. The Russians Arrived 12 Days Late To The 1908 Olympics Because They Were Using The Wrong Calendar.


101. Sunglasses Were Originally Designed For Chinese Judges To Hide Their Facial Expressions In Court.


102. Supermarket Apples Can Be A Year Old


103. The Eiffel Tower Was Originally Intended For Barcelona


104.  Albert Einstein Is An Anagram For Ten Elite Brains.


105. Shadows Are Darker On The Moon


106. The Statue Of Liberty Used To Be A Lighthouse


107. NASA Uses Countdowns Because Of A Sci-Fi Film


108. The World’s Smallest Wasp Is Smaller Than An Amoeba


109. Queen Elizabeth Ii’s Cows Sleep On Waterbeds


110. Researchers Once Turned A Live Cat Into A Telephone




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