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What Are Bed Bugs And What Scent Keeps Them Away?

As the name suggests, you’re most likely to find bed bugs in your bed. In fact, they spend most of their life in your bedroom. They are nocturnal creatures, only coming out at night to feed on blood. While they will consume the blood of any warm-blooded animal, they generally prey on sleeping humans as you are an easy target.

The bed bug is tiny and you’re not going to feel it biting you. They’ll hide during the day in the cracks around your bed and even the soft furnishings nearby. It’s unlikely you’ll know they are there until after they attack.

Signs Of A bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs multiply rapidly, allowing a few to become an infestation in a short space of time. They are also tough to eliminate which is why you should contact a local exterminator as soon as you realize you have an issue.

You’ll first notice an issue with bed bugs when you start to develop lots of small red marks on your body. They can be anywhere, but, the good news is that bed bugs don’t spread disease. The bad news is that their bites are very itchy.

Once you see the welts on your body you’ll want to look more closely at your bedsheets. Small red marks are usually the sign of a squashed bed bug. You may not feel them biting you but they’ll feel you rolling over and squashing them.

If you check your mattress and the folds of any other fabric in the room with a magnifying glass you’ll soon realize that this is a big problem. They hide everywhere and leaving just one alive will start the process all over again.

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Scents To Keep bed Bugs Away

Although they are not a health hazard they are annoying and a nuisance. It’s important to take steps to keep them away from you and your family. An aroma is an effective tool for this purpose. Preventing them from biting you means they’ll slowly starve to death. It will take a while but it can be an effective method of eliminating the issue. At the least, you won’t get bitten while they’re alive.

Lavender essential oil is potentially the most powerful odor to prevent bedbugs from getting near you. Research suggests that bed bugs hate lavender. You can add half a dozen drops to your atomizer and fill your room with the smell of lavender. Ideally, locate one or two close to your bed, they will keep the bed bugs away. In fact, you can place atomizers all over the house, telling the bed bugs they are not welcome.

Tea Tree Oil

An alternative is to use tea tree oil. This needs extra caution as your pets can actually die if they ingest this. The best way to use this is to apply a little of the pure essential oil to your headboard and even the sides of your bed frame. It will keep the bed bugs away as it has powerful antibacterial properties.

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