What Is Coin98

What Is Coin98: Essence And Cryptocurrency Rates

For every crypto trader and investor, storage is crucial. There are around 100 different crypto wallets on the Internet. Each has different features and characteristics, so beginner users may find it challenging to pick a versatile one that would fit all their needs.

In this article, we want to discuss the Coin98 wallet and its essence, the c98 crypto price, and analysts’ prospects for this coin.

What is Coin98?

Coin98 is a platform that connects traditional finance users with decentralized finances and blockchain technologies. It is a multifunctional platform enabling the wallet, the exchange and the cross-chain bridge.
The Coin98 developers are focused on three directions:

  • Coin98 Ventures: the investment department that deploys a decentralized financial system on several blockchains with the support of the DeFi Builders.
  • Coin98 Labs: DeFi development, the creation and development of the DeFi ecosystem on several blockchains.
    Coin98 Network: general information and educational material about crypto and blockchain.
  • Coin98 is not only a wallet – it is the entire platform for storing and managing crypto assets, allowing to connect to other applications and gather information about them in one place. It provides an always-connected experience for users.

C98 is a native token of the Coin98 platform that serves for payments within the platform and staking. Up-to-date cryptocurrency rates can be found on the Coinmarketcap resource, and today’s C98 is $0,3983 (mid-September 2022).

C98 Crypto Price Prediction

Crypto experts analyzed cryptocurrency rates, and based on them, they have concluded the future price for C98.

It is estimated that the token will cross the mark of $1,35 and maybe even exceed $2 in 2026. The most optimistic prediction for this asset is $7,94 in 2030. More moderate forecasts estimate a $0,90 – $1,89 price level for 2025.

We should not completely rely on others’ forecasts; instead, we should analyze the project on our own and make the right decision when investing funds into this or that project.

Suppose you decide to invest part of your savings in the Coin98 project. In that case, we recommend buying this token on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange, for it offers fine conditions, low fees, and a high level of safety for your investments.

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