Facebook Ads: What Marketers Need to Know

Do you want to market your products to over one billion people through Facebook Ads?



Perplexed to use Facebook Ads!! Need not worry.

Facebook offers powerful features for the marketers like you, which empowers you  to make your products/services successful.

Whenever you start creating your ad campaigns, take some extra time to create 4 to 6 additional Facebook Ad design (i.e. both the visual and written) and test each one. Consider creating pairs of images with varying copy, that would be 2 or 3 images combined with 2 or 3 sets of text.

Facebook now has several powerful features that simplify managing and sponsoring Page posts. Some of the prominent features that keep marketers interested are: EdgeRank, Custom Audiences, Promote Button, Power Editor.

  • EdgeRank: EdgeRank is an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed — and how high — on the News Feed. Over time, the older something is, the less likely that you’ll see it in the news feed. And in a perfect world, EdgeRank helps you see what you want to see.
  • Custom Audiences: Offline customer list with email addresses, phone numbers or Facebook UIDs could be targeted with Custom Audiences Even those who are not a big fan of a particular brand could be targeted through Custom Audience.
  • Promote Button: A Promoted Post helps reach those fans who weren’t around to see when the content was first published. Even those people haven’t proven to care much about your content in the past could be targeted through Promote Button. For a newbie advertiser, it’s easy to click the Promote Button, which will automatically generate a campaign with 2-3 ads in it.
  • Power Editor: However, if you are or want to be an advanced marketer, Power Editor is the better option.
  • Facebook’s Partner Categories: Facebook’s Partner Categories use data from select third parties, including Datalogix, Epsilon and Acxiom. These are three companies that have a whole lot of data on user behavior including purchases, demographics, how much money they make, whether they own a car, when they bought that car, etc. There are over 500 categories now and they are going to add to it.

Are you wondering?

  • How paid Facebook marketing can work for your business?
  • How to maximize your target audience?

If yes, then you must listen to Jon Loomer, who blogs about advanced Facebook marketing at Jon Loomer.com. In this podcast, Jon shares what efficient targeting means for marketers and the metrics involved.

Adapted from : Facebook Ads and Beyond: What Marketers Need to Know, Social Media Examiner

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