Who Are The “Big Three” Of Social Media Referral Traffic?

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According to Shareaholic’s Social Media Traffic Report,” during the 13 months of the study, Facebook accounted for an average of 8.11 percent of social media traffic referrals, followed by Pinterest with 3.24 percent and Twitter with 1.17 percent. These three social media power players collectively accounted for 15.22% of overall traffic during the reported period. They top the list in traffic referrals as well.

Shareaholic’s Social Media Traffic Report is based on 13 months of data collected from 200,000 publishers who reach more than 250 million unique monthly visitors.

Other important findings of the report are:

  • Google+ isn’t yet competitive yet as it is consistently dwarfed by the competing social media sites
  • YouTube and LinkedIn are gaining share as their share of overall traffic to publishers increased 52.86% and 34.51% respectively
  • StumbleUpon and Reddit referrals are declining. StumbleUpon’s share of traffic driven to online publishers declined 27.47%., while Reddit experienced a 35.16% decline in their respective share of referrals

Adapted from: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube referrals up 52%+ in past year [REPORT]

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