Why People Unfollow Your Brand On Social Media
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Top 5 Reasons Why People Unfollow Your Brand On Social Media

With Almost every business trying to make the presence on Social Media, it is very hard to get more genuine followers to your brand and more difficult is getting those stay with your brand. When people follow you on social media they have some expectations from you on how you treat them.

The Top Five Reasons why People unfollow your Brand on social Media are:

1. Poor Content – If you present uninteresting content to users they will certainly unfollow you.

2. Avoid too much Self Promotion – Stop Selling things in every post.

3. Increase Engagement – Engage with users directly & minimize your automated efforts ( Messaging )

4. Use #Hashtags Wisely – Do not jump into every conversation with your promotions, So avoid using poor hashtags in your posts.

5. Don’t Post Frequently – Do not Post every 10 mins, post between 3-5 times per day.

Hope you find this informative, Please share your views and make a good social media campaign for future.

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