Why Social LMS Is Better Than Classroom Tools

“Learning Management System(LMS)  helps  knowledge management (informal or formal information).  It’s OK to admit that your business needs that – you are not alone”, Jeffrey Roth says while giving 5 Reasons Why Business Should Choose Social LMSs.

A social LMS is a solution that integrates eLearning and collaboration tools into the traditional LMS functionality to provide a complete online learning and training environment.

Social LMSs can be integrated into various functions of a business including training, collaboration, managing information and communication.

How can a social LMS tool be a better tool for training than course management tools of a leading college program?

A business does not need the course management tools of a college program, because, “it makes more sense to focus of the tools you need to better control and manage your unique training program”.

When it comes to collaboration, Social LMS could “provide an image having the best of class tools at your fingertips to allow individuals from all of your organization (geographically and departmentally) to get together to discuss and work on a project?”

Here again, social LMS has an edge over classroom tools.

In addition to these benefits, a business house should also opt for social LMS because:

  • It helps organise information in such a way which is ready to available and easy to navigate
  • Social LMSs can help keep the discussion going, but also keep that informal knowledge tied to that issue
  • It keeps information secure
  • If time is money and information is your most valuable asset, the right social LMS is critical to your value position as an organization

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