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What Is WordPress Hosting?

Since you have already decided to go ahead with WordPress for your website. Now, the next important decision which you need to make is about the hosting part.

There are many more terms and parts related to hosting and website hosting is one of the most important part of the same.

So, the major question here is that what do you understand or mean by WordPress hosting? WordPress hosting is meant to optimize the performance of WordPress. It also includes taking care of the security needs of the WordPress.

There are also one click WordPress install to get started with WordPress. And WordPress hosts can also automatically update their WordPress software as well.

Do You Need WordPress Hosting To Run WordPress?

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The minimum requirements of a WordPress website is quite minimal. You only need a PHP version 5.2.4 or higher or may be a MySQL 5.0.15 or higher to run a WordPress. Thus, in simplest terms everyone is capable of handling and using a WordPress.

Now, this summarizes that yes you can host a WordPress site. But how can you host a WordPress site. It is very important to understand that how you can fully utilize to host a WordPress site in the most economical manner.

There Are Mostly Two Types Of WordPress Hosting

1. What Is Shared WordPress Hosting?

Shared WordPress hosting is considered to be highly cheaper when compared to other WordPress hostings.

In shared WordPress hosting, you must understand that your website will be shared with other websites for hosting purpose. And your server will have optimized performance as per your website.

And again you will get an access to one click WordPress installer. Some shared WordPress host installers can also give you an access of pre-installed WordPress. Also, many WordPress hosts can also offer you the upgraded WordPress software.

Updated WordPress site is actually an important website measure. You might come across a number of feature specific WordPress hosts as well.

Shared WordPress hosts actually offer steep discounts on the first billing cycle. After which the prices goes back to the normal part again.

During your first billing cycle, you can expect a payment of $3-4 per month. After the first cycle gets completed then the payment might get revised to $7-10.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting Is More Like A 5 Star Restaurant With Beach Side Facilities. What It Offers Are As Follows

  1. Typical Speed : with better hardware specifications, what you enjoy is much better speed
  2. Server Side Caching : In order to speed up your WordPress site catching is one of the biggest things which you can do. Here you need a plugin to handle but with managed WordPress hosting, this one comes easier. Here you can enjoy better caching with zero work at the user’s need.
  3. Enhanced Security : You will be able to enjoy WordPress specific firewalls here also regular malware scans and intrusion detection. In short you can enjoy a better and secured place at this website.
  4. Staging Sites :  Many managed hosts are known to come up with staging sites which gives you the freedom to allow the test changes to your site before you make them live.

So, the final takeaway is that managing word press sites is obviously much more costly. With exceptions like SiteGround and FlyWheel, your expenses will come down to $25 per month which is equivalent to what you can be expected to pay for a managed WordPress hosting.

Which One Should You Choose?

wordpress host

Now, the important question here is that which one should you choose. How can you decide that do you want to go for a shared WordPress hosting or a managed WordPress hosting.

This is where you need to set your priorities straight. In case you are a beginner in this field then you would be thrilled with the idea of creating and designing your website and optimizing your performance about the same.

And with managed WordPress hosting, you might have to pay higher but all your website performance parameters will be taken care of.

So, you need to decide if budget is your concern then you might go for the shared wordpress hosting. It is completely your call here.

Recommended Word Press Hosts

Now, here we need to decide what are some of the recommended wordpress hosts. Following are some of the highly loved and universally applauded word press hosts.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Of Them

1. Flywheel

It starts at $23 per month and offers managed word press hosting.

Flywheel Features:

  • We work hard to make sure your sites are always safe and secure. Plus, we’ll clean up malware for free! Learn more about security at Flywheel.
  • Get crazy fast load times right out of the box. We’ll help your sites achieve smooth and speedy performance!
  • Rest easy knowing that your sites are backed up every single night, with the option of a one-click restore.
  • Get closer to your users! Choose your own data center and achieve unbeatable page speeds around the globe.
  • We’ve made SFTP access easier for every modern designer’s workflow (and it’s much less annoying).
  • We’re custom built for our favorite (and only) platform: WordPress! And we’re darn proud to be experts at it.


Flywheel delivers the fast speeds, solid performance, and support needed to keep your WordPress site running smoothly.

In addition to that, Flywheel makes it easy to build a website from the ground up through its free demo sites and one-click staging features.

Flywheel is built on a robust network infrastructure optimized for speed, scale, and security.

Their plans are rich in features; you’ll get your site migrated for free, auto backups and automatic WordPress updates, built-in caching, CDN integration, SSL support and loads more.

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2. SiteGround

This one offers shared hosting some of the managed word press hosting features. It starts at a price of $11.95 per month.

SiteGround Features:

  • All hosting plans include free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates. For your convenience, the Standard SSL comes preinstalled on your site.
  • Back up your account daily and keep up to 30 copies. You also have the option to create instant on-demand backups with the click of a button.
  • Create unlimited email accounts with the webmail interface included. Stop spam with the free SpamExperts service.
  • Making changes on your site has never been easier. Make a copy of your site in a click, work on it, and then push the changes live with our staging tool.
  • Advanced users will love our tools like WP-CLI, SSH access, PHP version control, Git integration and more that make workflows easy and fast.
  • You can easily add collaborators, ship sites to clients, and give your clients whitelabel access to their site’s Site Tools.

Review : wpbeginner

Siteground is one of the most recommended WordPress hosting companies. They are known for their top notch customer support and fast reliable hosting plans. Their WordPress optimized hosting includes everything you’ll need to create and grow a successful blog. Read our complete SiteGround review to find out if SiteGround is the right host for you.

After reading our detailed SiteGround review, you might be wondering if SiteGround is the right choice for your website?

If you want fast and reliable web hosting service with great customer support, then SiteGround is perfect for you. They have hosting plans for every budget and each plan comes with great set of features.

All their shared hosting plans include SSD storage, easy setup of Let’s Encrypt free SSL and Cloudflare CDN service, 1-click WordPress installer, and free migration.

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3. A2 Hosting

This one offers a much higher speed when compared to the shared wordpress hosts. It starts from $7.99 per month.

A2 Hosting Features:

  • Auto-Setup : Don’t worry about WordPress install files. WordPress is pre-installed for you!
  • Host your site on our Turbo Servers for the fastest WordPress Hosting!
  • Pre-configured with the best speed and security settings.
  • Your Let’s Encrypt SSL pre-configured for your site.
  • Host your site close to your visitors with global data centers.

Review : Hosting Facts

A2 Hosting has been around since 2001. It might keep a low profile compared to some other big-name hosts, but it has also delivered some of the fastest server speeds we’ve seen over the past 16 months.

Their customer support is efficient, the hosting plans are developer-friendly, and they have a unique “anytime” money-back guarantee to get a refund on any unused portion of your plan. Most plans include SSL and backups, too.

Uptime has slipped over the past few months, however. And the renewal rates jump pretty aggressively after your first purchase period ends.

Here’s an in-depth look at A2 Hosting’s Pros vs. Cons after signing up, paying, and putting it to the test.

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4. Kinsta

This is known to offer one of the best and top ended managed wordpress hosting and you can enjoy this at $30 per month.

Kinsta Features:

  • Fully managed
  • Secure like Fort Knox
  • Free migrations
  • Ultimate speed
  • Daily backups
  • Google Cloud Platform

Review : Whois Hosting This

Kinsta is a managed hosting provider specializing in WordPress-hosted sites. In the land of managed WordPress hosting , it came after WP Engine.

It is based in Los Angeles and London that stresses performance and reliability. The company touts some major corporate clients: including Ubisoft, GE, Ricoh, and Intuit.

The company offers tiered pricing for smaller businesses and enterprise.

What’s unique to Kinsta is that the features are the same across all of its service plans . You won’t need to upgrade just to get access to a certain feature.

The main differences among the plans are that the storage space increases with each level of service, as well as the number of WordPress sites users can host. So to those who are looking for an affordable Kinsta alternative that can keep up with Kinsta’s services and in some places even exceed them

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