Wordtune Alternatives: 10 Great AI-Powered Writing Tools

Wordtune is a platform that helps in proofreading content. It helps businesses, educational institutions, and other people use Artificial Intelligence or AI to edit and rewrite sentences and thus improve their written communication skills. It also lets the students increase or decrease the text length as per the requirement.

Wordtune lets people translate texts from languages like Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Hebrew, Korean and Russian. Its Google Chrome extension enables people to rewrite sentences over platforms like Google Docs, LinkedIn, Slack, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Wordtune can generate rewrite suggestions for the sentences based on their patterns within the human language. Businesses could also check the relevant synonyms for their choice of words.

Features Of Wordtune

Wordtune comes with an editor where you may use the tool, and it’s similar to Grammarly.

  • Casual: This gives the sentence a less serious feel.
  • Formal: This helps you create content that is professional and corporate. Suitable if you have to write to your boss.
  • Shortening: You can shorten the sentences to write maximum in fewer words.
  • Expanding: This you can use when you wish to express your thought in a lengthy and extensive way but do not want it to look fluffed.
  • Rephrasing: You get suggestions for using better words and variations of the same sentence.

Wordtune has a browser extension and an editor where you may use the tool just like Grammarly.

Wordtune Vs Grammarly

Now we have talked about Grammarly, let us compare Wordtune with it.

Grammarly is an editing and rewriting tool. Apart from rephrasing the sentences, it provides various features like shortening, corrections in grammar, synonyms, tone detection, and plagiarism checking.

This is a complete suite of the writing tool, whereas Wordtune is only helpful in rewriting sentences. It does not provide any other features.

Moreover, Grammarly has been around for a longer time than Wordtune and therefore is more popular.

One other feature of Wordtune that we can talk about is the online editor. It can also translate and rewrite sentences from 9 languages to English.

Onboarding Process

It is very easy to onboard with Wordtune. First, you have to install the extension for the browser you use like Edge, Google Chrome, etc. Then you will be asked to sign up for a free account. You may use an Email login, Google or Facebook to log in.

Then you will have to answer a few questions, and they will show you how you can use the tool. Now just open the website where you write the content like Docs, Office, Word, etc.

Ease Of Use

It is effortless to use Wordtune. Plus, it works on many popular platforms, and you can use it whenever you require it.

Any new user could start using Wordtune within a span of 5 minutes. You just have to select the text, click on the Wordtune logo that shows and choose from the various rewrite options available.

A good thing about Wordtune is that it is not so distracting as Grammarly and other tools are.

Apart from that, there is a keyboard shortcut that lets you rewrite your text automatically. This is useful as choosing and clicking buttons is generally very dull and slow.

Wordtune also comes with a proper online editor. Its editor’s interface is great. With the tools showcased on top, the software becomes very easy to use and is sophisticated.

Customer Service

Whichever online tool we talk about, the support needs to be superior. Wordtune comes with live chat support, and there is a small knowledge base given that talks about the common fixes you can apply.

Their staff takes some time to respond, which is around a day or two.

Pricing And Value For Money

The software comes with a free version. At the same time, the paid pricing begins at $9.99 monthly for a yearly plan. If you choose to pay monthly, the price will be $24.99/month.

Its annual pricing is affordable, and the monthly pricing is quite expensive.

Certain other writing tools like Grammarly are priced around half the same price. But the AI rephrasing is better in Wordtune in comparison to Grammarly.

It’s your choice if you want to pay for one AI rewriting feature or like a less-priced software that has more tools for writing but lacks on quality of rewriting.

But if you look at Wordtune, it is a good value for money for the professionals. It will give good returns in the end.

There is a free version too, but it has minimal abilities. For instance, if you write every day, then twenty revisions won’t be enough. You will therefore have to think of choosing the paid pricing. The free plan does not give you free tones and the ability to shorten or extend as offered in the paid plans.

But for the other writers, the free version should be fine. Wordtune impresses the focused writers, but they can definitely improve.

When we talk about the quality and functionality of the sentences it generates, then it is trustworthy. There are some mistakes and errors, but those are acceptable.

It helps you write better as per its promises.

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Wordtune Alternatives

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a powerful and accurate grammar checker and style editor. Both non-fiction and fiction writers can use this tool, and it does not need a monthly subscription.

2. InstaText

Instatext is another user-friendly writing and editing tool that lets you improve on the text so that you can be understood as being professional. The InstaText software helps in enhancing the styling as well as word choice, corrects all the grammatical errors, and even enriches the content.

3. Easybot

Essaybot is an advanced format AI writing tool that lets you write faster, cheaper, and better content on social media platforms. This, in return, provides you insights leads and reaches new customers.

4. INK

INK optimize and write in one place and boost the level of SEO of your content. You can improve the traffic potential just by understanding the wants of the audience. And also how Google interprets your content so that the ideas stay on top of the mind.

5. Shortly

Use AI to extend creativity. Just click one button, and the AI will write your story for you, giving you new plots and story ideas. Shortly is like the world’s best writers are guiding you to write in a better manner just with the click of one button.

6. Yamak

Yamak is the next-gen AI-powered platform helps you write the content and copy for the blog, Social media, website, SEO and Ads, etc. The software helps humans in generating quality data using AI. This helps the users in saving time and human effort.

7. Converision.ai

Converision.ai is another tool that lets the AI write copy that will get you conversions and high ROI. It gets you a high-quality copy for emails, websites, listings, blogs, ads, etc.

8. Odo

In Odo you get multiple insights from 10,000+ books and articles depending on psychology and AI. The companion chats, reads, thinks, and is a part of a helpful conversation that lets everyone grow.

9. QuillBot

Quillbot is a paraphraser, summarise, and grammar checker. It uses sophisticated AI that lets you use natural language understanding and create content that is clear enough. It has a free tier system that lets you work on it without paying for it.

10. Typli.AI

Typli.AI is an intuitive AI content tool that uses AI writing and any SEO Assistant that helps you save your time and write smartly. Typli.ai understands the instructions you give, just use the 100+ writing commands, and the work starts.

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