Worst Scandals happened at schools

These People Still Remember The Worst Scandals That Actually Happened At Their Schools

“There was a scandal about Two teen pregnancies at the same school. Turns out that the same guy was involved in both cases. People on Reddit are sharing the worst scandals that actually happened at their schools and which they will never forget.

1. “Two teen pregnancies, same dude.” —Cory_Garbrandt


2. “The principal slept with a student, and his nudes and sexts were leaked.” —kakyoinsjuicyfatass


3. “In high school, there was a little scandal involving the teachers and a teachers’ club called the ‘hot tub club.’ Faculty members who had hot tubs would host a weekly hot tub party with other hot tub owners. Turns out they were all getting wasted and having a swinging party every Wednesday. Somebody’s spouse found out about it and there was a huge exodus of ‘hot tub’ teachers my senior year.” —xxcarlsonxx


4. “A girl in my middle school was telling people she had a ‘hit list’ of people she was going to kill. Got caught with the list and was sent to a hospital for a while. She came back a few years later in high school.” —taylorisacat


5. “My high school guidance counselor fucked a science teacher’s wife and everyone knew about it. They got a divorce. Both teachers still work at the same school to this day, and students will never, ever let it go. The story has been handed down from year to year.” —tiyeyo


6. “First week of high school. PE class, the first section was swim. … This kid was playing a game with his friends in the water — who could hold their breath the longest. He was going up for air and hit his head on the pointy part of the gutter, and never made it to the surface. Friends didn’t notice, teacher didn’t notice. Eventually football players coming back to the locker rooms noticed. He ended up dying. Teacher was fired although I wouldn’t fully blame him as he was attending and teaching kids who didn’t know how to swim or weren’t strong swimmers. One adult for over 60 kids?? That’s the school’s fault.” —millennial_dad


7. “The 30-ish theater teacher ran off with a recent grad. I was kind of pals with the student during a play the spring before the scandal, and she hosted the cast party where, in retrospect, they seemed a little cozier than appropriate.” —DrKittyKevorkian


8. “The caretaker killed two local girls and hid them in the school. He tried using the clay kiln to burn them. He later dumped them a few miles away.” —jofive


9. “We had a computer teacher/football assistant coach who was just blasted all day, had so many DUIs he had to get rides to work, but was the cousin of the superintendent so he kept his job. Let’s just say that when he crashed a student’s car in the parking lot because he convinced them to let him borrow it, that was the beginning of the end. It was a small town. The scandal is that the super tried to cover it up by convincing the kid to take the heat for it. To no one’s surprise, the kid was not convinced. They let him stay on as super for another two years.” —TheMCM80


10. “My middle school banned hugging and hand holding during course changes because it blocked the hall. In protest, all the eighth graders stood up and hugged each other during their lunch period. A bunch of students got detention. Made the cover of the Charlotte Observer.” —bcarol99


11. “The lunch lady was having sex with students and buying them alcohol.” —ZacharyTheMad95



12. “Student brutally murdered his parents. He was a friend and co-captain of the soccer team. His mom was my English teacher.” —JohnnyBrillcream



13. “My department lead allowed the baseball team to line up and she gave them all blowjobs. Happened years ago and confirmed by veteran coworkers I knew. Recently, some of the boys that graduated years ago decided to inform the proper authorities. She was transferred to another school. Still works in the district.” —CliplessWingtips



14. “One year, they were trying a new method to prevent cheating where a man from the administration comes to the class before every exam and collects students’ phones. … This was working at first, and it was ‘preventing cheating,’ until one day some guy sneaked into our high school and [pretended to be] the man who collects the phones. He stole the whole high school’s phones and went.” —abderrahman_



15. “I was in fourth or fifth grade and someone sketched in the middle school bathroom not to go on school Friday, ‘or I will bang bang.’ This was then brought to the attention of the county and state police, and we didn’t have school that day, and the police searched everyone’s lockers for a firearm.” —Sawyer1119



16. “During middle school, a few kids sold weed, and someone who bought some smoked it in the building, which was just stupid. The kid who sold it to him didn’t want to get in trouble so he pulled the fire alarm so people wouldn’t find the kid. We all got to go home afterwards.” —Shit3agle



17. “The math teacher left his wife of 18 years for one of the graduating seniors.”—blunt_dissect



18. “Kid in my class sent an email to the White House, threatening to kill Socks, the Clinton family’s cat. Secret Service showed up a few days later, after they tracked down the computer.” —Goombaw


19. “When the religion teacher cheated on her husband with the math teacher.” —MRHOLLYWOODwoods


20. “When I was in fifth grade, the male teacher I’d had in fourth grade was fired for helping a high school cheerleader undress. Looking back, he was a creeper.”—captainsparkl3pants

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